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For anyone who loves staying active, holidays don’t mean rest! It is the best time to get outdoors, explore nature while staying fit. And, trust me, a road trip to Switzerland is an amazing way to do just that!

When visiting a good friend in Switzerland, we decided to do a road trip and as you read on further, you’ll see why I encourage you to do the same if you have the chance.

Interlaken, Switzerland.

Interlaken, Switzerland. Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

From the world-renowned chocolates and majestic mountains to historic cities and museums, there is a lot to experience in Switzerland. Luckily, the country is small, making it extremely customizable.

If you are fond of nature and history then be sure to visit the following places!


Zurich is a city you can choose as your airport destination or first stop. It’s an old, history-rich city with over 100 art gallery scenes and about 50 museums. You might not have all the time to check out all. However, a visit to the Museum of Art packed with both traditional and modern pieces sums all.

As well, spend some time to visit Zurich’s historical churches.

Next to the city is Lake Zurich Promenade. Here you can enjoy nice walks and recreational activities. The soul-stirring sunrise and sunsets together with rejuvenating pathways are things you will not want to miss. During summer, you can soak your feet in the water while enjoying dinner alongside the Lake.

You can also catch a train to Uetliberg Mountains. Its peaks grant you a perfect view of Lake Zurich and the city at large. And, if you want to experience the beautiful waters later, you can take a boat ride at Lake Zurich and its river, Limmat.


The stellar architecture in the Swiss city of Lucerne will leave you in awe. Historians speculate that the city was established in the early 9th century, and it is now one of the prettiest cities around the globe. The spectacular view of the mountain peak and breathtaking waterways awaits you there—plan to tour Lake Lucerne to learn some history and enjoy the stunning sight.

Make a golden round trip. Here you take a boat across Lake Lucerne and then a cogwheel railway to Mt. Pilatus summit. At the summit, several restaurants offer Switzerland traditional meals to enjoy as you catch brilliant views. After the tour, descend via the gondolas and cableway and back to Lucerne by bus.

Do not end your day in Lucerne without visiting the 700-year-old Chapel Bridge and Ancient Water Tower next to it. Dying Lion Monument, which commemorates 700 swish guards massacred during the French revolution in 1792, is worth a check. Lastly, explore Titlis Glaciers via a cable car to enjoy panoramic landscapes from all angles.

Val Müstair

Val Müstair is a valley located in Eastern Switzerland on Italy’s border. Indeed, Val Müstair – Parc Naziunal Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO world’s heritage site that dates back to 780AD. You can only access the valley through the Swiss National Park’s wooden mountains, adding to its uniqueness. Once there, explore the six villages in the valley that present attractive cultural landscapes and unspoiled nature.

Do not miss to visit Müstair village, featuring 8th century St. John monastery. The church is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites characterized by the largest preserved fresco cycle and medieval religious architecture.

The place also is a home of 25 kilometers of well-made langlauf tracks. So, you can enjoy skating and skiing and later have your meals at a panorama restaurant.


Montreux is a small sleepy town that awakens for two weeks of jazz festivals every year. Even if you miss the festival season, its microclimate grants you the opportunity to explore the outdoors. Here you can take a chocolate train to Gruyeres, a famous place for Swiss chocolate and cheese. Visit Nestle and cheese factories and witness how the delicacies are made.

In winter, you can take a trip to Les Pleiades train station. Here you get a clandestine experience of a meticulously lit lantern trail.

From Montreux, you can take a break to Rochers de Naye through a train. This Swiss Alps mountain gives you a spectacular view of Lake Geneva. Alternatively, you can visit Glacier 3000 that presents pure and unadulterated awesomeness. You access it through a cable car or choose to ride the Alpine Coaster. Also, you get an opportunity to walk through the first suspension bridge in the world.


Located in between two lakes, Interlaken is a city that offers an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. You can easily access forests, mountains, and all kinds of skiing and hiking, making it a paradise for active people. The city grants you an opportunity to stay physically active. If you are not river rafting, you can be mountain biking, speed boating, paragliding, or skydiving—all depending on your physical fitness level.

Remember to check out Jungfraujoch and Schynige Platte Railways. These are two epic railways that give you a spectacular view of glaciers and mountains. In fact, Schynige Platte is one of the highest railways in the country that has been operational for 126 years!

Finally, explore St Beatus Caves off Lake Thun. Once home to a dragon, the cave system is something you will not want to miss. The St Beatus Caves help you build unforgettable memories from the museum, restaurant, hiking path, and own waterfall.


There is no complete road trip in Switzerland without a visit to its capital, Bern. The city is rich in Swiss history dating back to the 12th century. From the gardens, 1500s fountains, and thought-provoking architecture, the capital is a place to behold. Check out Zytglogge, the 800-year-old clock tower that ticks well to date. In fact, many are drawn by the moving puppets that come up hourly.

Pay a visit also to historical Bern’s cathedral, built in 1421 to 1823. The history of this place is evident by the old architecture, paintings, and sculptures, with arts dating back to the 18th century. Indeed the Old City of Berne is a UNESCO world heritage site.

When you are tired of the busy city, retreat to Rosengarten Park. Visit the restaurants for delicious Swiss meals or explore the garden with over 400 species of flowers.

Key Insights & Takeaways!

The best way to explore Switzerland, one of the great and smallest countries in Europe, is through a road trip. You can do as much as you want, depending on the number of days you set aside. But, make stops at the six places highlighted above and build unforgettable memories of this amazing country.

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Ally Mash is an avid outdoor enthusiast who spends most of his free time backpacking through South America, Iceland, Vietnam, and Europe. He loves sharing his experience through his travel blog. His mission is to get more people in the mindset of protecting our planet by sharing its beauty.

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About the Author

Ally Mash is an avid outdoor enthusiast who owns the Adventures Pursuit travel blog,

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Take a road trip through scenic and historic Switzerland!

Take a road trip through scenic and historic Switzerland!

Take a road trip through scenic and historic Switzerland!

Take a road trip through scenic and historic Switzerland!

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