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If you’ve decided to explore Western Australia, you’re probably looking for the best attractions that will make your trip worthwhile. While Perth is a location you will surely not skip, there are so many other interesting things to see in this Australian state. Here are some of the top spots you should also consider visiting.

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park. Image by RuRu_SG from Pixabay.


Add Fremantle to Your Itinerary

Once you are done exploring Perth, you can start going on trips to spots that are in its vicinity. For example, you don’t want to skip Fremantle.

This port town is full of attractions that you are sure to love. It is home to Fremantle Prison – one of Western Australia’s four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There, you can go on tours that will provide you with a riveting look into Australia’s history.

You can even opt for spine-chilling torchlight tours if you want something a bit more spooky. Additionally, you might like to visit the eclectic town’s museums and markets as well.

Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

If you want to see some of Australia’s marine wildlife, Ningaloo Reef Marine Park is one of the spots you should certainly add to your itinerary. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site of Western Australia, this is the longest fringing reef in the world, stretching for about 260 kilometers.

It is home to turtles, manta rays, dugongs, and various coral and fish species. Besides swimming and snorkeling among these underwater creatures, you can also see dunes, canyons, and stunning cliffs in the marine park.

Explore Rottnest Island

From Perth or Fremantle, you can take a ferry to Rottnest Island. If you’re traveling with kids, you might appreciate the fact that this island is car-free, which means that you are free to explore it on foot or by bike without worrying about traffic.

Something else you might like about Rottnest Island is that it is home to quokkas – adorable animals that you can even take a selfie with as they don’t feel threatened by humans. In addition to cycling and hiking, you can also go for a swim and try snorkeling. A trip to the Rottnest Museum should also find its place on your schedule while there.

Bremer Marine Park

Another stunning location that you should not skip when in Western Australia, especially if you want to see interesting marine wildlife, is Bremer Marine Park. On the south coast of the state, you will find the town of Bremer Bay.

The marine park nearby is very popular as it is the only place Down Under where you can spot orcas. By opting for Bremer Bay killer whale tours between January and April, you will not only spot these apex predators but you can catch a glimpse of pilot whales, sperm whales, and other creatures too. While whales are often the main attraction, you can also enjoy the gorgeous beaches that this town has.

Go to the Karijini National Park

Australia is full of national parks and Western Australia is not lacking in this regard either. One that you shouldn’t miss out on is certainly the Karijini National Park which abounds with breathtaking sights. Don’t forget your camera as there are gorges up to 100 meters deep that will leave you speechless.

If you want to go for a swim, this is also an option – if you don’t mind cold water, that is – as there are waterfalls and water holes here as well. What is more, you can also see bats, geckos, legless lizards, and red kangaroos.

Marvel at the Rock Formations of Purnululu National Park

In case you want more outdoor adventures on your trip to Australia, think about exploring the Purnululu National Park too. Located in the Kimberley, the northernmost part of the state, this national park is home to spectacular rock formations that will take your breath away.

These were actually unknown to the world before 1983. Also known as the Bungle Bungle hills, you can find remains of Aboriginal ceremonial sites, burial grounds, and rock paintings here as well. Moreover, Cathedral Gorge and Piccaninny Gorge are nearby so take the chance to also see those.

Witness the Wave Rock

In addition to the rock formations of the Purnululu National Park, you can also take a trip to see the stunning Wave Rock. This 15-meter-high rock formation is made of banded granite and has vertical red, ochre, and grey stripes thanks to chemical reactions.

If you go by car, visiting the nearby Hippo’s Yawn, the Gnamma Hole, the King Rocks, and the Humps is something else to consider.

Try Margaret River’s Delicious Wines

Wine-aficionados will also love the chance to explore the Margaret River region. As one of the top-rated wine regions in Australia, it is home to over 200 vineyards. You probably won’t have time to visit all of them but make sure to add a few to your schedule in order to try some of the most delicious wines that Down Under has to offer.

Moreover, there are also gourmet restaurants that will make the experience even better. Lastly, from galleries to surfing spots, this region located three and a half hours away from Perth is full of activities you can try to complete your weekend getaway.

When visiting Western Australia, keep in mind that it offers all sorts of interesting activities and locations. No matter the kind of holiday you prefer, this state will surely meet all your needs.


Nina Simons is a blogger based in Australia.

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The photo in the header above is of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Purnululu National Park in Australia. Photo by Australian photographer ekays.

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Nina Simons is a blogger based in Australia.

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Plan your visit now to amazing Western Australia!

Plan your visit now to amazing Western Australia!

Plan your visit now to amazing Western Australia!

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