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Maharashtra, India, is home to many adventure activities such as river rafting, camping, paragliding, banana boat ride and more. Want something more daring? Its stunning mountains are great for rock climbing and trekking adventures. In fact, you’ll find your dream adventure when you choose the right season for a camping tour in Maharashtra.

The second most populous state in the country, Maharashtra has much to discover. Famous for its street food and shopping, visitors love to find exotic sarees, handmade decorative items and jewellery. For those who like to experience nature, Godavari and Krishna rivers add extra beauty to Maharashtra by enriching its flora and fauna.

 Published on August 27, 2020 Free to use under the Unsplash License Beautiful Waterfall at Malshej Ghat, India

Beautiful Waterfall at Malshej Ghat, India. Photo by Mumbai photographer, Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash.


Keep reading to check out the best spots for camping in Maharashtra, along with the distinctive attractions at each one.

Alibag Beach Camping

One of the most-visited beaches in the state is Alibag beach. The beach has black and amber sand that beach-goers love. Travellers can explore the stunning view of Colaba fort from the beach while camping in Maharashtra. As well, they can enjoy lots of water activities like a bumper boat, jet ski and more.


If you’re planning camping sites in the state, Pavana is an ideal option. Staying on Pavana dam provides a visual treat for tourists’ eyes. Lohagad, Tungi and Tikona are perfect campsites that make it worth vacation site. Pavana is getting more popular due to the place’s calm surroundings.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is famous for its several mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. If you need to stay away from the busy lifestyle, you can visit Malshej Ghat. Trekking in Malshej Ghat provides opportunities to see the attractive views of waterfalls and mountains. You can also visit a temple built in 16 century AD, which shows excellent craftsmanship.

Gorakhgad Fort

Every year many people around the world visit Gorakhgad fort. It’s a perfect vacation hotspot, and tourists can see the locality of campsites and visit the dam located near the camping site. The Gorakhgad trek from Mumbai provides a new experience to travellers.


Matheran is located near Charlotte Lake, and tourists can reach it within a few hours from the mainland of Mumbai. The grassy green background and waterfalls make Matheran a well-known tourist spot in Maharashtra. The Matheran’s camping rules differ from other campsites in the state, and the clear manual provides tourists with assistance.


Karnala is a highly recommended choice for camping in Maharashtra. When planning a camping trip in Karnala, make sure to visit the Karnala fort. The jungle camping in Maharashtra provides you opportunities to explore exotic bird species and animals.


Kolad is a calm retreat, and the river Kundalika offers a picturesque view of the camping site that attracts tourists. You can indulge in lots of thrilling activities like water rafting, boating, kayaking, etc. Explore the beautiful villages and spellbinding mountain views by trekking in Kolad Mountain.

Bhandardara Camping

Bhandardara is one of the resort villages and is situated near Igatpuri. It’s the best camping in Maharashtra for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Tourists love this spot with its picturesque waterfalls and surrounding mountains. A night campfire is the ultimate for a refreshing holiday in a pleasant environment.

Bhigwan Birding Tour

If you’re an animal and bird lover, Bhigwan is an ideal holiday destination. A Bhigwan Birding tour allows travellers to relax and enjoy a peaceful and calm time away from the busy city life. Between November and March is the right time to visit Bhigwan, and bird watching helps you to learn more about the bird varieties.

Igatpuri Secrete Camping

Igatepuri secretes camping is the best camping near Mumbai. This campsite offers numerous adventure activities with camping that make it famous among campers. People who desire the break will have their minds re-energized and refreshed at Igatpuri camping.


Rajmachi Fort contains two forts, Manaranjan and Shrivardhan. You can spot it from the expressway of Mumbai Pune. Rajmachi is the best camping near Mumbai that allow campers to see a breathtaking view of the Sahyadri Mountains. The height of this fort is 2710 feet above sea level so that visitors can get an overwhelming experience.

Kaas Plateau

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Maharastra is Kaas Plateau. This location is popular for its colourful foliage and floral cover, and Kaas Plateau is located more than 1200 meters above sea level. Tourists can trek over less flattened trails and, after that, set up camp in the bounty of the attractive flowers.

Kaas Plateau is the busiest tourist spot in the state because of its beautiful surrounding. Hiring professional Trek Organisers in Mumbai is essential for a family trip. The tour planners understand your needs and create customized tour plans within your budget.


Panchgani is an ideal spot for winter camping in Maharashtra. Krishna River is located in Panchgani, and that makes it a primitive option for camping. On the other hand, you can buy mouthwatering jams, jellies and other items in Panchgani. When camping in Panchgani, you can enjoy scenic views at Tableland that remove all their stress and worries away.

Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort is a small trekking stop and located in Pawan Maval in the Konkan region. This fort’s height is thirty-five thousand feet above sea level. It features towering fortresses, lofty doors and a water tank that offer the best experience. The camping in Konkan provides a breathtaking view from the top of the fort. The local people are friendly and ensure that tourist feels at home by offering safe hospitality.

Lonavla Canopy Camping

Camping in Lonavala is the best adventure activity for nature lovers. This place welcomes travellers with its eye-catching waterfalls, lush greenery and tourist spots. Campers can visit Lonavala Lake, Amrutanjan Point, Tiger’s Leap and much more. Adventure seekers can trek in the Kondane Caves, Duke’s Nose and Foregad Fort.

These are popular camping spots in Maharashtra. Plan the camping trip in the right season and get unforgettable experiences.


About the Author

Tushar Sanas is a travel Blogger based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He spends much of his time traveling through the country, documenting its riches with his writing and images. He is founder of Bhatke Adventure, which is a trek and travel organizer that would help you choose the right adventure for the right occasion. Give Bhatke Adventure a call to book an affordable camping tour package in Maharashtra. They will make your trip more memorable and fun.

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The photo in the header above is of mountain trekking near Karnala Bird Sanctuary, in Maharashtra, India. Image by Ankita Gkd from Mubai/India, at Pixabay.

About the Author

Tushar Sanas is a travel Blogger based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and founder of Bhatke Adventure, which can help you plan your perfect adventure. 

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Check out these  amazing camping experiences in Maharashtra, India

Check out these  amazing camping experiences in Maharashtra, India

Check out these  amazing camping experiences in Maharashtra, India

Check out these  amazing camping experiences in Maharashtra, India

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