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Planning a winter vacation sounds intriguing but is often a hard decision to make. If you are among us – the legacy story seekers, and have a thing for King Henry VIII ‘s most sacred hobby – the art and history of gambling, then you have already easily narrowed it down to these two iconic cities: Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Which one would be a better choice for the adventurous history geek in you and would also be a worthy place to spend time in, not only in summer, but in winter as well? We hope our suggestions will help you out.

Based on tourist reviews, these are our top three picks for both Las Vegas and Atlantic city.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Historic Adventures of Las Vegas


First of all, keep in mind that the weather in the winter months vary from 58°F to 27°F in Nevada. Nevertheless, if you have a free adventurous spirit, and are seeking to follow the steps of the 1950s’ bohemians, we suggest packing a bathing suit and taking a polar plunge into the Colorado river. We promise that would be a great kick-off for the first landmark we have selected for you. Now, let’s dive in:

  1. Get in the time machine and fly back to 1906 with the typical “Old Vegas” scent of Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, where the old-school flair bartenders at OneBar and sexy dancing dealers will be awaiting. They will welcome you at the Fremont Street Experience where, as they say “you can explore the past by embracing the future”.
  2. Next stop shall be Atomic Liquors – the first bar to officially deliver the tavern liquor license! The flashback story you are to witness and experience in the bar we will leave to the owners.
  3. Now, The Mob Museum is not for everyone, but it deserves to be in this list. The place exhibits the old days of organized crime and is said to be revealing all the dirt of Sin City’s criminal history. If this is your cup of tea, we promise satisfaction.

The Historic Adventures and Landmarks of Atlantic City


Did you know that Atlantic City was officially established as a health resort in the 1800s? Feel free to start your trip in one of the many indoor pools, which is considered the “pre-game” ritual of the winter tourists here. Following their suggestions, as a visitor, you should continue with:

  1. The Atlantic City Boardwalk is also known as the Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall. It has been the original convention center for 85 years now, welcoming iconic guests like the Beatles, Elton John, Paul McCartney etc. After a full $90-million restoration, the hall is now owned by New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and a home to the brightest events and shows in AC.
  2. It wouldn’t be a real trip to Atlantic City, if you miss visiting the Absecon Lighthouse – the tallest and oldest lighthouse in the USA. You will climb up 228 steps inside, but the view and the story are worth the sweat.
  3. The Atlantic City Historical Museum encompasses all the worthy cultural and historical resources of AC as from the Prohibition to the present.

The Casinos

We could not help but dedicate a section to the fine casino experiences in these two cities. Down below you will find the top three rated casinos for each city leaving you with the honest review-based specifics of each. Anyway, some players do not just limit themselves with playing at land based casinos. You could always play on the go with the list of the top NetEnt mobile casinos here.

Atlantic City Casinos


  1. Our number one recommendation, Borgata Casino is known for its patient and kind staff. If you are about to play a table game for the first time, but you are not that knowledgeable about its rules, the Borgata staff will help you out.
  2. Caesars Atlantic City Casino intrigues with its newly renovated sports book, the most comfortable seats and their huge screens! The casino is massive and has a plentiful of slots and, of course, an easy access to the Wild Wild West as part of Caesars reward program.
  3. The Hard Rock Casino is well-known for its collection of rock-and-roll memorabilia. What people like about it also is their friendly staff, the huge variety of slots and the fantastic dining experience they offer.

Las Vegas Casinos


  1. Wynn Las Vegas Casino leads the list for its relaxed feeling. Clients say their games remain undisturbed and focused due to the nice spacing. The place is spotlessly clean and with a very large choice of slot machines and table games.
  2. The Bellagio Casino has a classic charm and an awesome location. The water show in front of the building is completely free and one of the symbols of LV. When you go inside, the thrill of gaming, quality of dining and the entertainment options will show you why the Bellagio is a world class resort.
  3. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery have nicely designed their casino experience around fine dining and brewery. They are well known for their family-friendly atmosphere and hospitality on the Strip.

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