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If you’re looking for the perfect beach this summer, you may be surprised to find that Toronto, the largest city in Canada (often considered the great white north), has lots of them. Indeed, Toronto has 11 public beaches!

Toronto Skyline shot from Toronto Islands

Toronto Skyline shot from Toronto Islands. Photo by Necro2k.

Once you’re done with the sunscreen in this Canadian city on the shores of Lake Ontario, here are just a few travel tips for a visit to Toronto that will broaden your mind and teach you a few things about Canada’s most diverse city.

1. The Path

For the uninitiated, The Path is an underground network in Toronto featuring shopping outlets, cafes and more.

Adapting to Canada’s ever-changing weather conditions, this unique underground mall is open 24/7 to curious travellers wanting to escape the summer heat or the winter cold (although most of its businesses observe fairly standard opening times).

Squeeze in a little shopping, visit restaurants, cafes, and bars and explore an underground metropolis that also grants access to tourist attractions such as the CN Tower and Brookfield Place, home to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

2. Get Cosy

The quest for knowledge never ceases and if you’re taking your learning on the road in the form of a book, or even an online degree with ARU, you’ll want somewhere to wind down.

If you like a light tipple as you’re unwinding, you’ll love Famous Last Words. It offers a literary inspired cocktail menu that pays homage to long-loved favourites and modern classics alike, delivering twists on drinks we know and love as well as a few innovative picks.

Or if you’d prefer a cafe vibe, the Run and Gun Coffee Shop in Toronto is perfect for reliving your student years with bleachers as well as tables and chairs. They also offer a decent range of vegan options as well as a comfortable setting.

3. Enjoy a Literary Adventure

Toronto Reference Library is the busiest urban public library in the world. And for the book lovers amongst us, it has much to offer.

Amongst its many treasures is its Arthur Conan Doyle collection, where readers can browse in a replica of Sherlock Holmes’s study.

Meanwhile, the University of Toronto boasts status as the alma mater of Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatjie. Follow in the footsteps of these greats and explore the idyllic settings of the campus.

Or take in one of Toronto’s many bookshops, such as Ben McNally books, Flying Bookshop, or Glad Day Books, the world’s oldest LGBTQ+ bookshop!

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Toronto, or are tempted by intellectual travel but haven’t set your sights on your next destination, we hope these three tips will help you plan that next adventure.

The Best Beaches in Toronto: Ultimate Summer Guide Video

And if you’re looking for the best beach to read one of those books on, here’s a guide!


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About the Photo

The cover photo was taken in Rouge National Urban Park in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. This National Park, situated around the Rouge River, is the largest urban park in North America. Photo by Kate Kraversky, from Innisfil, Canada.

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