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If you’ve recently started planning this year’s holiday, you may have decided to travel somewhere green. No, not that kind of green. Somewhere sustainable, eco-friendly, and perhaps less touristy.

Scene near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, on the Yellowhead Highway.

Scene near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, on the Yellowhead Highway. Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

Here, we give you seven destinations to consider visiting if you have decided to mind the planet while you travel and recharge your batteries.


Iceland is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. They’ve managed to use their abundance of geothermal resources to generate heat and electricity, and they are combating ocean pollution as well.

If you’re looking to spend your holiday outdoors, the fjords, volcanoes, and hot springs are certainly a sight to see. You can also go whale watching off the coast, and you can catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights if you visit at the right time of year.

While it may not be the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about an eco-friendly destination, it can be a truly unique, eco-conscious experience you shouldn’t write off easily.


Another northern European country you can visit if you want an eco-friendly destination, Finland also happens to be the happiest country in the world for the sixth year running.

Finland is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and they are highly focused on the preservation of biodiversity and habitat conservation. They have over 40 national parks and are the most forested country on the continent.

It’s a delight if you’re looking to spend your time off in nature and ensure that you leave a minimal carbon footprint during your travels.

The Netherlands

Completing our European eco-friendly destination trifecta, the Netherlands is proud to have already met more than half of its goal to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution and improve waste management.

The capital city, Amsterdam, ranks very high on the European Green City Index, coming in fifth. What makes it so eco-friendly are the superb bicycle paths and routes you can take across not just the city but the entire country.

If you are looking to see the world from a bike and explore some glorious scenery, the Netherlands is a great choice. The food and the people are just as amazing, and you are bound to have a glorious time.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another destination you should definitely consider if you’re looking for eco-friendly destinations. It has become somewhat synonymous with ecotourism, with 95% of its energy being renewable.

It is also home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity, some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and plenty of sights to see.

As an added bonus, you can get about via golf cart, which is easy to upkeep during the spring and summertime. It can get you to slightly further locations that your feet just can’t carry you to, all the while staying eco-friendly.

British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s greenest province, and it offers both the most green jobs and boasts the most green buildings. It’s also famous for its organic produce and stunning coastline.

Another great playground for a nature and adventure lover, British Columbia is home to some amazing hiking trails and rafting opportunities, but you can also watch some friendly wildlife out and about.

You can both go camping in British Columbia, or you can stay in various eco-friendly accommodations available throughout the province.


You probably weren’t expecting a metropolis to find its way onto this list, but Singapore isn’t “just” a bustling city like no other. It is also becoming a very eco-friendly destination.

Their Green Plan 2030 is what sets them apart, and their goal is to make all development in the city-state sustainable in less than a decade.

If you are looking for a city break but still want to make sure you’re visiting a green destination, Singapore should definitely be considered. The culture and the cuisine are amazing, and you will find time flies by in this futuristic city.


If you’re looking for an island getaway and truly want to do nothing but lie on the beach and soak up the sun, Tahiti is your go-to destination.

The local community has done an amazing job at both ensuring that visitors have a fantastic time and preserving the natural beauty of the island.

You can stay in guest houses operated by the locals, which will immerse you in local culture. That way, you’ll also ensure that your money guests directly into the pockets of Tahitians rather than a corporation or a travel agency.

You can also get up to all kinds of eco-friendly activities, like hiking and swimming.

Wrapping Up

Whichever of these destinations you choose, you’ll undoubtedly have a great holiday. Make sure to make sustainable choices while you are there as well. Mind what you eat, what you buy, and how you behave.


About the Author

The article was written by Hannah Thomas, an Australian freelance writer.

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About the Author

The article was written by Hannah Thomas, an Australian freelance writer who frequently writes for

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