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Marseille is the second largest city in France, right after Paris. It is one of the oldest cities in this country. This city is situated on the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Lyon. This place is known for its ideal fusion of French and African cultures.

Marseille is a city known as the link between Europe and North Africa; this destination will amaze you with its stunning blue waves and ancient old town. You can do and see so many things in this beautiful destination. Read on to find some of the best things you can do and see in Marseille.

Seafood Paradise

Seagood collage by Maklay.

Seafood collage by Maklay.

To those who love seafood, then Marseille is the perfect place, as there are all sorts of seafood. Finding the best seafood restaurant in Marseille is easy as plenty of them are in the city. You will enjoy bouillabaisse in these restaurants, once associated with low-income people. The dish originated from the sailors who used to do fishing. 


Marseille is a city with many beaches that will make your visit memorable. One thing about these beaches is that they are family-friendly, especially the Plage de Prado.
Here you can come with your family and enjoy the beautiful breeze from the sea as you busk in the sun. To those looking forward to beautiful sunset spots, visit Prophet’s Beach. It is among the oldest beaches in this city.

Night Life

In Marseille, you’ll find all sorts of cocktails in the clubs. You’ll be able to enjoy the drinks as you view or dance during the night. You’ll get perfect bars, nightclubs, opera and live band venues in this city.

The Sights

In Marseille, you can see some of the beautiful landmarks. This destination has the biggest port in France. The same port is ranked 7th in Europe. Apart from the port, the place has two churches attracting tourists from everywhere.

While in Marseille, visit the Cathedral La Major and Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica.


There are so many things that you can unveil in this beautiful city. And because of the above reasons and many others, people from different parts of the world usually visit this city.

So if you are looking for a summer holiday destination, consider Marseille.

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The photo in the cover is of Vallon des Auffes port in Marseille, France. Photo credit: Dudlajzov.

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Reasons why you should visit Marseille, France

Reasons why you should visit Marseille, France

Reasons why you should visit Marseille, France

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