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Everyone knows Heathrow Airport, the largest and busiest airport in the UK. However, not many tourists know that Heathrow is not the only airport serving the area near London.

London City Airport is not only well-organised and well-connected but also is surrounded by amazing both urban and natural landscapes. This ultimate guide to the best things to do near London City Airport in a day will reveal everything you need to know before booking your flight there.

Thames Path in London, England.

Thames Path in London, England. Photo by Andrei Ianovskii from London.

London City Airport Parking

Located so close to the capital of England, a true metropolis, London City Airport provides a great variety of services so that every traveller’s needs can be accommodated. This applies to airport parking as well.

From premium parking spaces that are just a few metres away from the terminal to affordable off-site car parks, there are a lot of factors you need to take into account before making your final decision. If not exceeding your travel budget is your main concern, can be the place to go for London city airport parking at great prices.

You’re allowed to compare services and prices so that you are 100% certain that you book the best place for your vehicle. London City Airport offers parking for all kinds of vehicles, even for two-wheeled ones.

Double decker bus in Central London.

Double decker bus in Central London. Photo by Josh Mills. 

How to Get to Areas Near London City Airport

There are several public and private means of transport that connect London City Airport with London and other neighbouring places. The Docklands Light Railway and public buses are the busiest and the most affordable means you can use to leave the airport and reach a nearby urban centre.

Shuttle buses are provided by specific airport hotels or travel agencies to pick up their clients. If you have not made any arrangements, you can either book a private transfer online in advance or find a taxi to take you to your desired destination.

Best Things to Do Near London City Airport

Being part of the city of London, it is safe to assume that there are a plethora of amazing things to do near London City Airport. Are you ready to find out what you should do if you have one day there?

1. Greenwich

The historic district of Greenwich is a sophisticated area that everyone longs to explore. The Royal Observatory, where people can stand on both sides of the Prime Meridian line, and the stunning Greenwich Park are two of the most iconic attractions in this area.

2. Canary Wharf

Fashion lovers should explore the Canary Wharf district. There are numerous modern shopping malls and high-end boutiques where you can find designer items.

3. Thames Path

The River Thames is known all across the globe. If you can’t go on a cruise, you should at least enjoy the scenic paths along the river and admire the historic landmarks that you will encounter on the way.

The numerous legendary London attractions have turned the city into one of the dreamiest destinations of all time. You should book your flight to London City Airport, plan your itinerary carefully, and enjoy the loveliest holiday ever.


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The cover photo is of Greenwich, London , Greater London, United Kingdom. Photo by Fas Khan from Cheltenham, England. 

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Things to do near London City Airport.

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